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Home Assistant OS – Khadas Vim 1 Basic

Now you can use your Khadas Vim1 as Home Assistant Server with Hass OS image re-packaged using Official Odroid C2.


  • HASS OS Version 5.13 Stable
  • Linux Kernel 5.9
  • U-Boot 2021.07-rc4

How to install:

  • Download the Image/xz file from the download location. Verify that the download completed successfully.
  • Install Etcher and burn the image to an SD card (16GB or larger).
  • Now insert the sd card which you have flashed image on and insert lan cable with DHCP and internet.
  • This it should recognize the SD card as a bootable device and boot from it.
  • Wait for around 20 mins and Home Assistant will be up and ready for the Onboarding process.

Download Link:

Home Assistant OS – Khadas Vim1

Home Assistant OS – Khadas Vim1 – MD5Sum

Once you see the home assistant web UI then follow the onboarding process from here

Good Luck.

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